The Imperatives of the Living World

Living organisms all have a set of biological and ecological conditions which are imperative for them to flourish, live harmoniously and reproduce. The most important of these factors are as follows:

  • The quality and availability of water
  • The quality of the air
  • The vitality of the soil and the oceans – the principal sites for biological synthesis by the plant kingdom
  • The relative stability of the climate
  • The quality and availability of suitable food
  • The quality of health related products and their accessibility
  • The respect of the natural dynamic equilibrium and the collaborative relationships between species. NO species, Man included, can live in isolation without being integrated into the web of vegetable and animal biodiversity. Man is NOT the master of the natural world. He cannot perturb the auto-regulatory equilibria of the ecosystem in which he lives with impunity; nor can he assume for himself the role of imperialist conductor of these natural regulatory mechanisms. 

It can be seen, therefore, that for the living world to flourish, many factors need to be assembled together to form a complex and well balances ecosystem.

The presence and the action of either large doses or prolonged, long-term exposure to even small amounts of many synthetic chemical substances (as well as electromagnetic radiation and radioactivity) on this complex, multifactorial ecosystem has the possibility of seriously perturbing the natural equilibria which are necessary for life, with potentially irreversible consequences. 

As far as Man is concerned, a major confounding factor is the need to temper his desire for power and money, in order that he may live more harmoniously with his peers and in his place in the natural world, thus making possible the maintainance of an ecosystem in which the conditions are satisfactory for future generations to flourish.

Intensive human activities, or those which are disproportionate with respect to the tolerances allowed by the capacity for auto-regulation of the ecosystem and the resources of the planet, compromise gravely the possibilities of maintaining a balance of all the individual factors which are  required to be present and in the correct proportions for life to flourish.

The life-giving systems and ecological regulatory mechanisms cannot be controled and organised by politicians, legislators and industrial lobbies. The public authorities must respect the primordial nature of the imperatives of the living world and the absolute necessity to preserve the ecological equilibria. This unavoidable necessity is currently being overshadowed and pushed backstage to give priority to industrial competitiveness and to ensure that decisions are made in accordance with the imperatives of the World Trade Organisation and its international trade agreements. In this paradigm, everything must be assigned a financial value, even the intrinsic elements of the natural living world. When given the choice between the needs of the stock exchanges and the living world, the WTO and associated groups within the paradigm it has created have clearly chosen the stock exchanges. [See the page Collective action against the confiscation of the living world!]

This website gives European citizens a platform to express their disapproval to the European Commission and the National governments when they use anti-ecological politics and impose regulations which go against the needs of the ecosystem, against the common good and the interests of future generations. [See the pages Liberate Medicinal Plants! and the petition] 

Our Living World is a place for reflection – living and evolutive – where you will regularly find new material, proposed by professionals and amateurs of the living world who are conscious of what it at stake for the biological and ecological world in the 21st century: farmers (arable and livestock), market gardeners, growers of medicinal plants, homeopathic doctors and vets, herbalists, osteopaths, independent scientists, environmental and consumer associations, ecologists…. [The contributions will be posted on the page The living world, Ecology and Politics or on the page Documents and links] 

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