Our Living World

“Our Living World” and “ICI VIE” [the collective action group which forms the core of the movement described in this website] are opposed to the confiscation of the living world and its resources, in particular the plants which are useful for promoting good health and which form part of traditional agriculture and medicine. [See the page: Liberate Medicinal Plants!]

Our Living World is a civil action initiated by a group of professionals in the agricultural sphere who refuse to be dispossessed of the plants used on a routine basis to improve the health status of their animals. The group wishes to affirm their desire to integrate their activity as livestock farmers into a framework which respects the delicate balance of the natural living world, animal health and that of the consumers.

More widely, this action wishes to defend the inalienability of the living world and the common resources which have been since time immemorial, and should be for the future, part of our collective popular cultural heritage. These common resources (seeds, traditional cereal varieties, fruits and vegetables, natural products for plant health, genetic resources….) are currently being confiscated, one after the other, by international legislation which has been written for the benefit of a small number of multinational corporations operating in the industrial life-sciences, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. [See the page: Collective action against the confiscation of the living world!]

Our Living World isn’t just another petition, but a concrete civil movement which is working to expose the current situation regarding these issues to the European public at large and act on behalf of the common good to bring about change. The group demands that the public authorities and the European legislators, when drafting European Directives, take into account the imperatives of the living world – the inescapable conditions and requirements which form the basis of life itself and its continuation into the future. [See the page: The Imperatives of the Living World]. At the present time, these primordial requirements are clearly considered subordinate and unimportant when compared to the financial and competitive interests of the industrial lobbies when the European Commission drafts and imposes new legislation on the public and the professionals who serve them.

When the public authorities, at National and European levels, impose regulations in favour of the interests of the industrial lobbies, they are not acting in accordance with the public interest,  the common good of society or the requirements of the living world and a harmonious ecological equilibrium.

The action organised by the group Our Living World/ICI VIE and supported by the signatories of the petition opposes the confiscation of plants favourable to good health and more widely the plundering of the living world and its resources – which should remain part of our common cultural heritage, freely available to all. The group demands that first priority in decision making and legislation at National and European levels should be given to the imperatives of the living world and the common good such that our cultural heritage and common living resources will be freely available for future generations.

If such issues are of interest to you, we would invite you to have a look through the pages of this website, where we aim to expose the current situation and its implications and consequences, and potential solutions for the future.

We would encourage you to sign our petition by clicking on the link below to open the page where you will be able to read the text of the petition, sign it electronically and share the page with your entourage via Facebook and Twitter. 

The movement is in its infancy and is currently being coordinated by a core group based in France (see the page which describes The group ICI VIE). It is the desire of the group to make this action a Europe-wide movement and to include citizens from throughout the EU.

If you would like to know more about how you could become involved with the group, offer your services, share ideas… or you have information which you would like to make available via the Our Living World website, please take a look at the page [The group ICI VIE] and make contact via the e-mail addresses on that page. All constructive ideas and thoughts are welcome.

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