A european cause

If you feel, after looking through the information contained in this website, that you would like to get more involved in this civil action project (over and above simply signing the petition) or you have a constructive comment or idea to share, then the ICI VIE group would be pleased to hear from you.

If you are represent a group which has similar or compatible motivations to those of the collective (the facilitation of access to medicinal plants considered of low safety concern; the protection of the living world; demanding that the interests and the collective voice of the citizens of Europe be heard and taken into consideration by the authorities; the refusal of authoritarian imperialist political practices of the EC – in short the reinstauration of a true democracy and long term vision in decision-making to protect our heritage for future generations…)  and you would like to forge a link with Our Living World network and become part of this Europe-wide movement to add your collective voice to the cause – either by becoming directly involved with ICI VIE or by offering an official support for our work – we would love to hear from you.

We hope the website and the group will be able to perform the role of coordination and federation of local action as well as taking a collective message to the EC on behalf of its supporters – a two-way exchange which will help to concert grass-roots action and also allow the grass-roots groups and individuals to speak as one (loud) voice to the EC.

The group and the details of the project are still in the development stage and are based in France.

We would like to hear from people who would like to act as national relays in other countries of Europe to extend the reach of the group throughout the EU, coordinate action and facilitate the sharing of information and effective communication.   

The English translation of the original French language website is the first stage in the internationalisation of the action and we hope will make it accessible to a larger audience. The translation has been done on a voluntary basis by one of the bilingual members of the group. Offers of translation into other European languages by enthusiastic bi or multi-lingual volunteers would be well received and would extend the reach of the message to the wider public of other countries in the European community.

To get in contact, the group has a general e-mail address which is read by the French-speaking core group: icivie@ourlivingworld.eu

 If you would be more comfortable communicating in English, you could use this alternative address and share you thoughts with an English-speaking member of the group: icivie.english@ourlivingworld.eu